The Toronto real estate market is still strong for home sellers. That doesn’t mean that buyers are lining up for every house on listed for sale. A well prepared and well priced home could still result in more than one buyer offering on your home.

To make sure you are in the right frame of mind when it comes time to list your home for sale, keep these ten recommendations top of mind.

10 Things Home Sellers Must Understand

  1. The ability of a buyer to close on a home is far more important than the offer they are making.
  2. The more negative a seller is during the negotiation stage, it will be remembered when it comes time for the buyer to firm up their offer.
  3. Buyers are looking at other homes. Sellers sometimes believe that their home is the only one on the market.
  4. Even during a seller’s market, it doesn’t mean that a home shouldn’t be prepared and marketed like it was a buyer’s market.
  5. A seller’s home should be available to be shown anytime, every time. Sellers should be not be home during these appointments.
  6. The market determines the price of a home. 
  7. A real estate agent’s commitment to marketing is directly related to their ability to sell. An uncommitted REALTOR will have minimal staging, online media and open houses.
  8. Having one agent represent both the buyer and the seller in the same transaction is not worth any discount offered, especially if the negotiation takes a bad turn.
  9. It may hurt your pride, but having a stager provide an objective assessment and staging plan is the most effective first step in transforming your house from home, to show home.
  10. A seller’s home is no longer their home, it is a showroom. It is a space that is warm, inviting but, most of all, neutral. A smart home seller knows that any reminder of who they are can detract from the buyer being able to envision themselves living there.

Don’t get caught off guard. Don’t be cocky. Toronto home buyers do have choice these days, especially with detached homes. Get prepared and you’ll be that much more successful when it comes time to sell.